Steel H-Beams
H-beam is a type of structural steel beam made from rolled steel. It has wide flanges that create a cross-section resembling an uppercase H and is used extensively in metal construction.
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Product Description

Product NameSteel H-Beams
Web Thickness5-16mm
Web Width50-300mm
Flange Thickness4.5-23mm
Flange Width50-400mm
Steel GradeG300, G350, S275JR, S355JR, SS400, ASTM36, S235jr, S235jo, Q235B and Q345B etc.
Surface TreatmentHot Dip Galvanized, Painting or Black.
Length1-12m or as customer request
TechniqueHot rolled/Cold Rolled/Galvanized
Custom servicesCutting-Punching-Drilling
PackingBy bundles with steel strips or as customer request
Delivery Time15 days after receive advance payment
ApplicationMechanical&manufacture, Steel structure,Shipbuilding,Bridging,Automobilechassis.

Product Display

H-beam steel is a new type of economic construction steel.    


H-beam steel is an economic cross-sectional high-efficiency profile with more optimized cross-sectional area distribution and a more reasonable strength-to-weight ratio, which is named because its cross-section is the same as the English letter "H". Since all parts of H-beam steel are arranged at right angles, H-beam steel has the advantages of strong bending ability, simple construction, cost saving and light structural weight in all directions, and has been widely used.

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H beams are divided into hot-rolled H-beams and welded H-beams (H). Hot-rolled H-beams conclude wide-flange H-beams (HW), middle-flange H-beams (HM) and narrow-flange H-beams (HN). HW is H beam with basically same height and flange width, which is mainly used as core column in reinforced concrete frame structure, also called stiff steel column. HM is H beam that the ratio of the height and flange width is roughly 1.33~~1.75. Mainly used in steel structures as steel frame columns that bear dynamic loads, such as equipment platforms. HM is H beam that the ratio of the height and flange width is greater than or equal to 2. The main materials of H-beam are Q235B, SM490, SS400, Q345, Q345B, etc.


• High structural strength: Compared with I-beam, the section modulus is larger, and the metal can be saved by 10-15% under the same bearing conditions. The design style is flexible and abundant: in the case of the same beam height, the steel structure will be 50% larger than the concrete structure bay, thus making the building layout more flexible.

• Light structure weight: Compared with concrete structure, the steel structure’s weight is reduced, which reduces the internal force of structure design, simplifies construction and decreases the cost.

• High structural stability: The steel structure mainly made of H-section steel has scientific and reasonable structure with good plasticity and flexibility, and high structural stability. It is suitable for building structures that withstand large vibration and impact loads.

• Increase the effective use area of the structure: Compared with the concrete structure, the steel structure column has a small cross-sectional area, which can increase the effective use area of the building.

• Save labor and material: Compared with welding H-shaped steel, it can save labor and material, and reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and labor.

• Easy to process by machine: easy to connect and install, dismantle and reuse.


H beam is mainly used for beam and column members in industrial and civil structures.

• Load-bearing support for industrial structures.

• Steel piles and supporting structure of underground engineering.

• Structure of industrial equipment such as petrochemical and electric power.

• Long-span steel bridge components.

• Ship and machinery manufacturing frame structure.

• Girder support for trains, cars, and tractors.

• Port conveyor belt, high-speed baffle bracket.

Product Inventory

We are a professional steel dealer. With the support of the most professional steel manufacturers and a large number of customers, we can not only provide you with ordinary steel but also help you find very personalized steels, such as special steel grades, Special sizes, special craft shapes,etc. 


Packaging and Shipping

We adopt standard export shipping packaging and bundles steel strips according to the size of the steel h-beam. According to our delivery experience, a 20-foot container can hold 22 tons of steel h-beam, and a 40-foot container can hold 25 tons of steel h-beam. For larger orders, we use bulk vessels to transport you, and the price is cheaper. Also, we can customize the packaging according to the needs of customers.


Container size

20ft STANDARD: 5895mm(Length)x2350mm(Width)x2392mm(High) 
40ft STANDARD: 12029mm(Length)x2350mm(Width)x2392mm(High)
40ft HIGH-CUBE:12024mm(Length)x2350mm(Width)x2697mm(High)


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