Carbon Steel Pipe
A carbon steel pipe is a type of metal piping made from an alloy of iron and carbon. It’s a strong, durable material resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Carbon steel pipes also have higher tensile strength levels than other types of piping materials, such as copper or aluminum. This makes them ideal for use in projects where strength is important.
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Product Description

Product nameCarbon Steel Pipe
TechnologyHot Rolled, Cold Rolled
SurfaceBlack, Bright, Galvanized Coated
EdgeMill Edge Slit Edge
SizeCustomized Size
UsageConstruction Structure, Industry, Ship
MOQ1 Ton
Delivery time7-15 Days

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Carbon steel piping is a durable material made from carbon steel, a steel alloy with iron and carbon. Because of its strength and ability to withstand stress, carbon steel pipe is used in a variety of heavy-duty industries like infrastructure, ships, distillers, and chemical fertilizer equipment.


Benefits of carbon steel pipe

Carbon steel piping provides safety and durability. Because it is shock resistant and not affected by harsh environmental conditions like pressure or extreme weather, it is an ideal material for structural applications.


The incredible strength of carbon steel means that carbon steel pipe can be made thinner and with less material while still being able to transport high volumes. This makes carbon steel piping a cost-effective material. Not only can less of it be used, but carbon steel is also recyclable, making it both environmentally-friendly and cost-effective.


Because it’s easy to manufacture, carbon steel piping is a versatile material. We can make it in a variety of thicknesses and dimensions. It’s also easy to cut and bent to fit wherever it's needed. Its also easily connected to joints, valves, and other pipe fittings.


Carbon structural steel pipe is versatile and useful for a variety of applications. Some of the most common uses of carbon steel piping are:

Building foundations

Transporting natural gases or oil

Boiler and condenser tubes

Transporting wastewater

Chemical Processing

High-pressure applications

Transporting sewage

Bollard construction



Trash enclosures


OEM applications

Value added services for carbon steel pipe

In addition to our high-quality carbon steel piping, we also offer a variety of secondary services to ensure your materials meet all of your needs. We can provide:

Laser cutting services

Saw cutting services

Product Inventory

We are a professional steel dealer. With the support of the most professional steel manufacturers and a large number of customers, we can not only provide you with ordinary steel but also help you find very personalized steels, such as special steel grades, Special sizes, special craft shapes.


Packaging and Shipping

We adopt standard export shipping packaging and bundles steel strips according to the size of the carbon steel pipe. According to our delivery experience, a 20-foot container can hold 22 tons of carbon steel, and a 40-foot container can hold 25 tons of carbon steel. For larger orders, we use bulk vessels to transport you, and the price is cheaper. Also, we can customize the packaging according to the needs of customers.


Container size

20ft STANDARD: 5895mm(Length)x2350mm(Width)x2392mm(High) 
40ft STANDARD: 12029mm(Length)x2350mm(Width)x2392mm(High)
40ft HIGH-CUBE:12024mm(Length)x2350mm(Width)x2697mm(High


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