3SP/5SP Steel Billets
A billet is a small, semi-finished piece of metal that is rectangular, circular, or square in shape. It is a semi-finished casting product that needs further processing before becoming finished goods.
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Product Description

Product Name3SP/5SP Steel Billets
TypesSquare steel billet, flat steel billet
StandardGB, JIS, ASTM
GradeQ195, Q215, Q235, Q275, Q345, SS400, 20MnSi, 3SP, 5SP
Size80*80mm, 90*90mm, 100*100,120*120mm, etc
Square steel billet tolerance+1.0/-2.0----+3.0/-1.0mm
Shipment timeWithin 15-20 workdays after receiving deposit 
Export packingSuit for all kinds of transport,or as required
Capacity250,000 tons/year

Product Display

A billet is a section of metal used for rolling into bars, rods and sections. It can be produced with ingots or directly by continuous casting. Billets are used as raw materials or feedstock in extrusion, forging, rolling and other metal-processing operations.


Introduction of Steel Billets

Billets have limited use before they have been formed into more functional shapes and sizes. They must undergo a series of manufacturing processes before they can be used for various purposes. Final products also include bar stock and wire. Centrifugal casting is also used to produce short circular tubes as billets, usually to achieve a precise metallurgical structure.



Compared to already-processed steel bars and products, Steel billets have specific and definite features. Billets have a distinct grain structure. This makes the metal able to be processed in an inextricable manner. Steel billets are also known for having high flexibility and elasticity, in particular when they are in the temperatures varying during molding and shaping.


Billets (sometimes referred to as ingots) are not of functional usage till they are formed into more practical shapes and sizes. Although they have been put in the steel furnaces, still, they need an operation series of molding and shaping such as cold and hot process, milling and cutting prior to being sold in the shops, or being used for various applications. However, the unformed billets, can be used in strike currency such as coins and as reserves, same as the gold bars.


It is important for steel billet to be casted properly because it affects the quality of the steel product once undergoes the final processing steps including the billet’s flexibility and strength. Billets go through many tests prior to being sold.

Product Inventory

We are a professional steel dealer. With the support of the most professional steel manufacturers and a large number of customers, we can not only provide you with ordinary steel but also help you find very personalized steels, such as special steel grades, Special sizes, special craft shapes.


Packaging and Shipping

We adopt standard export shipping packaging and bundles steel strips according to the size of the steel billets. According to our delivery experience, a 20-foot container can hold 22 tons of steel billets, and a 40-foot container can hold 25 tons of steel billets. For larger orders, we use bulk vessels to transport you, and the price is cheaper. Also, we can customize the packaging according to the needs of customers.


Container size

20ft STANDARD: 5895mm(Length)x2350mm(Width)x2392mm(High) 
40ft STANDARD: 12029mm(Length)x2350mm(Width)x2392mm(High)
40ft HIGH-CUBE:12024mm(Length)x2350mm(Width)x2697mm(High


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